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Cinematic 360-degree experiences blow traditional 2D video out of the water by injecting the audience directly into the action and then allowing them to interactively control what they see in every direction…just like they’re there!  In traditional 2D video and film, the director chooses what you get to see.  In 360, YOU become the director in an immersive world where you are surrounded by site and sound.


It’s what every brand wants…to put their audience in the middle of an exciting or emotional brand experience.  It’s actually what every viewer wants... to be IMMERSED in something they’ll never forget!  That’s the beauty of a 360-degree video.  It injects the viewer in the middle of the story, first person – just like they were there!  According to IQ by Intel, 360 videos strike emotional chords in viewers.  Their experiences are almost visceral.  The experience is viewed through their eyes and that experience feels like it’s happening to them.  This creates a sense of empathy and attachment to a brand that traditional 2D video cannot duplicate.


Anyone can view and share 360 videos through places like Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo , websites or apps.

It’s simple to do on any smartphone, tablet, computer or VR headset.


Every day there is more and more 360 video content out there. You don’t have to look hard to find it. What IS hard to find is 360 content with cinematic art and great storytelling.  That's where we come in. What makes us clearly unique is our approach. We see 360 video as the dynamic foundation to our productions.But then we creatively add the other tools in our toolbox - engaging 2D video, artistic still images, captivating graphics, and emotional original scored music – to create an experience for the viewer that is unforgettable!



We get to know you and your brand as if it was our own.  With familiarity comes creativity and inspiration.  Our initial meetings with you will help us discover exactly what you want to accomplish with your 360 video experience.  We then take this knowledge back to our creative team to determine the best plan to help you achieve your goals.  We then work together with you to create the vision that will bring that to life.

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