Laurence Entertainment certainly knows the power of a great story! John & Susan Laurence have seen great stories come to life in movie production since 2010 when they were part of the team that developed the Family Movie Night franchise with Walmart and P&G.  The Laurences worked as Associate Producers and Co-Executive Producers on five of the nine movies in the series that aired on NBC and FOX.  They specialized in concept creation, story development, script production, as well as bonus feature production. Currently the Laurences are developing a theatrical movie.

We at Laurence Entertainment are experts in chasing great adventures.  We have created, developed, produced, directed, and distributed adventure reality shows that have been seen around the world.  Reality show production keeps our crews nimble and on the move as we are constantly chasing the next amazing action. Our latest reality show, DREAM QUEST is soon to debut on Amazon Prime.

In addition to being a TV and movie producer, I am an on-camera and voice-over talent as well as a public speaker. Those are all the things I love to do. It makes for a wonderful life!

For as long as we’ve been in production, we’ve been in the entertainment business.  And we just don’t understand why EVERY piece of video content shouldn’t be entertaining.  If it’s not, who is going to take the time to watch?  Our BRANDED CONTENT is first of all entertaining.  That’s why people will WANT to watch what you have to show them!


Some of the most compelling storytelling in the industry today comes from the genre of documentaries. That also happens to be one of our favorite ways to tell a great story.  For example, would you ever have dreamed that THIS is what’s happening today in China?  

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