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We’ve been working with brands and creating SOCIAL VIDEO CONTENT and BRANDED CONTENT for many years.  We learned the craft from the best, working with two of the largest companies in the world, Walmart and P&G in producing all of the bonus material for nine family movies on NBC and FOX.  Our features were designed to help make the movie actors more real and authentic to the audience, and everything we did furthered the Walmart and P&G brands.  We’ve also worked with companies both nationwide and locally in Jacksonville, FL to optimize their brand images through innovative and entertaining content that ranges from comedic to inspiring to just plain epic.  You can see examples some examples below from some of our partners at P&G and WALMART (FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT, HUEMAN, STANSBERRY RESEARCH, TRADESTOPS, THE AMELIA ISLAND CLUB, TRIVIA NATION, PETGUARD, THE AMERICAN FLORAL ENDOWMENT, NOCATEE, AND CHETS CREEK CHURCH.

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